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Board Dash

Players race around the board, trying to get to winner’s square by asking questions & memorizing answers before the cards shuffle.

Knowledge Tree

Players compete to gain the highest knowledge score and grow a tree using content they’ve learned while playing.

Carnival City

Players enter a virtual carnival, answer trivia questions to gain chances to play everything from Skee Ball to Winner’s Wheel to Balloon Pop.

Retro Jerry Logo

Retro Jerry

A retro game! Players “jump” hurdles as they explore a city and read billboards.

coming soon!


Teams work together to complete drawing, fill in the blank, trivia, and ordering challenges.

Learner Arcade games are used to

teach, train, reinforce, and entertain.

Corporate Training

Bring fun into your corporate training! Learner Arcade works with nationwide corporate and business groups as a reinforcement tool for workshops, seminars, training programs, presentations and more.


Gamification in teaching is becoming one of the most effective ways to reinforce education, worldwide. Learner Arcade games are loved by teaching professionals, professors, and educators and are adaptable to virtually all ages and focuses.


Welcome new staff with a thrilling game that teaches about your company, products, services and history! Learner Arcade games are used in onboarding programs throughout the country.

Sales Enablement

Teach your sales teams new foundational tactics each year during conferences, and reinforce that training with gamification. Learner Arcade games were designed with Sales Enablement professionals in mind.

Learning + Development

Mitigate the “Forgetting Curve”. Learning games are a great reinforcement tool for learning and development.

Classes + Workshops

Engage your audience! Learner Arcade has fun and collaborative games that will ensure your audience is not just learning but is entertained.


Make your tradeshow booth stand out with games! Learner Arcade is an affordable way to introduce a customized game into your booth, generating activity, interaction and questions.


Invite a prospective client to peek inside your company and services with a fun, engaging game. Show them how you can help them in a game designed just for them.


Create the best email blast ever! Provide games to your target audience, get more audience data and show off the fun side of your company.